About us

Social media journey began 30 months ago in December 2012. The first meeting formed in Gwalior for the groundwork.

Shri Sushil Tiwari and Ashutosh Dixit convened the first meeting on February 2. The journey started with 14 people and now Millions of people have joined the states.

In first state executive meeting Ashutosh Dixit declared as state spokesman of UP then in the month of August Ashutosh Dixit declared as State President and was asked to make state team.

During second state executive meeting in Lucknow state team announced.

Throughout the year on the ground run signature campaign for declaring the Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister candidate and participated in Parivartan Yatra as well.

From July, Youth Power Conference held in all states.

In the first week of January, by donating Namo tea kit to unemployed poor, we have started Namo tea stall in states.

Several opposition parties involved in Narendra Modi Army to bring Modiraj.

The organization today is working fiercely on the ground in 11 states.

Our Mission

An army of inspired activists fighting against anti-nationals & corrupts in legislature, bureaucracy and media. We bring to fore what they suppress and hide from the people of this country. So join us in spreading the truth. Jai Modi

Our Philosophy

Uniting the Nationalists across the world for our great motherland and weeding out the corrupts, traitors and cowards. No service is too big for your country and it comes before your region, religion caste or creed. Respect fellow countrymen and exterminate those who conspire to break our unity. Jai Mahakaal !